Takamaka the network effect


The network effect occurs when a company's product or service becomes valuable as its adoption increases. The result is primarily an impact on market capitalisation, and rapid and 'healthy' growth.

This 'phenomenon', however, cannot be bought, but on the contrary is achieved over time, only if it is amply demonstrated that the use of the technology as a whole represents an undisputed benefit for all.

If we apply this observation to cryptocurrencies for example, we can say that the market capitalization of a project reflects the sum of many "network effects", such as currency, brand, transmission network, technology platform, blockchain and decentralisation.

Potential network effect in TAKAMAKA 

Takamaka main feature is its decentralisation (i.e. the possibility of becoming an infrastructure that does not belong to a particular node) which represents the backbone of the new Internet, linked to fintech and dApps, whose mission is to replace the current centralised systems, considered to all intents and purposes weak points of the old world wide web.

However, in order to be fully decentralised, Takamaka is working to distribute its governance to a great number of users, optimising the supporting infrastructure, which will never be under the control of centralised service creators.

If, alongside decentralisation, we combine effects such as ease of programming, because it is entirely Java programmable, and the use of native stable tokens as a method of payment and exchange, we believe that the success of the project is inevitable.

The network effect

To define the network effect in Takamaka, we could outline a number of key factors that will enable it to make its way in the "new Web", because it exploits the most powerful network effects, i.e. those in which users will be directly connected to each other, making the most of not only the utility effect, but also the social network effect.

In Takamaka the economy is regulated by the TKG and TKR currencies, which can be used not only as a store of value, thanks to the TKR the stable currency is always on pair with the $ on a 1:1 rate, which can be used as digital money and therefore as a means of exchange and payment, but also with the TKG thanks to which “energy” is distributed in the network (PoS), and security, decentralisation and governance are maintained.

All this is closely related to the real world and traditional finance: use of fiat money ( dollars ), voting rights, governance and security, but here on the contrary, money is completely independent from a centralised infrastructure such as the bank.

Takamaka is a technological infrastructure and blockchain platform, which lets its users send TKG//TKR coins between each other, create tokens, distribute smart contracts (SC's) and act as a payment network. 

The existence of such a platform and blockchain network is closely related to the native currency, its usefulness and ability to transfer value and thus gain community interest (social network effect).

Takamaka can only be programmed with Java, a 'universally' recognised language, capable of opening up a series of opportunities not only in the advanced industrial world, but also in the developing world and providing immediate answers to work and innovation.

In this sense we are working across the board, helping to consolidate the infrastructure and security: the more nodes and stakeholders, the greater its reach and knowledge, the greater the network effect will be.

Takamaka Mission

Takamaka aims to become a technology capable of developing Apps for the real world and build a secure and verified exchange facility for finance and many other sectors.

The team is working hard to reach full technological maturity and build an infrastructure capable of simulating loans, insurance, cashback, savings and many other things that will be needed by people and businesses in their everyday lives and thus drive a significant network effect.

This effect will certainly pass through applications, creating significant improvements in living conditions and will become more valuable and more widespread as the use of technology increases.

Stay Tuned.