Corporate Tokenization and AI: Connect, Engage, and Track


Corporate tokenization is revolutionizing the world of digital payments, offering businesses and their customers new opportunities for interaction and rewards. In this context, the Takamaka technology, developed by AiliA SA, is paving the way towards a future where digital tokens become the centerpiece of commercial transactions and beyond.

Takamaka proposes an alternative to the use of cash or credit cards through its digital tokens, which also provide businesses with the ability to actively engage their customers in a rewarding (low-latency) and interactive manner.

Thanks to the Takamaka PoS blockchain technology underlying the system, transactions become secure, transparent, and, above all, traceable.

One of the most interesting aspects of Takamaka tokens is their integration with social media. Users can earn rewards and discounts simply by mentioning the company or participating in promotional campaigns on platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. This interaction between the company and the customer creates a deeper connection that fosters customer loyalty and strengthens trust relationships.

Artificial Intelligence: Integrate, Analyze, and Optimize

The Social interaction that occurs in Takamaka can already be considered as a mechanism of artificial intelligence, as it integrates, analyzes, and optimizes the interactions between companies and customers.

Integration with social media allows for the collection of valuable data on customer behavior, enabling businesses to personalize offers and promotions based on individual preferences.

Through the technology developed by Takamaka, users can easily access detailed information on all exchanges involving their public key. This ensures transparency and control over their activity, providing a complete and detailed view of the transactions made.

The synergy between the company and the customer not only enhances the experience and usability but also allows for the acquisition of valuable data on customer consumption habits, providing businesses with crucial information to optimize marketing and sales strategies, offering personalized rewards and discounts that can be obtained through interactions on social media.

Advantages of Takamaka’s Digital Token Solution

Takamaka tokens offer numerous advantages for businesses and customers. Through integration with social media, it is possible to actively engage customers, creating deep connections and fostering customer loyalty.

Transaction traceability ensures transparency and financial control.

By personalizing offers based on customer preferences, there is an increase in loyalty and a better shopping experience. Analyzing interactions allows for the optimization of marketing strategies, improving campaign effectiveness.

Social interaction has the ability to attract new customers, increase footfall, and create a more dynamic business environment.

Takamaka represents a true revolution in the field of corporate tokenization and digital payments. With its digital tokens, businesses can establish a strong bond with their customers, enhancing the purchasing experience and building lasting relationships with both existing and new customers.

The combination of integration with social media, transaction traceability, and conversion flexibility offers a unique business-to-customer approach.

Download the Takamaka — Corporate Tokens Document

The Takamaka — Corporate Tokens document provides an in-depth analysis of how DT corporate tokens work, offering a comprehensive overview of the features and advantages of this solution, which has been presented here.

The document provides information on token technology, administrative management, and integration with social media, as well as how DT tokens can be used to enhance business efficiency and foster deeper customer relationships.

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