Takamaka: Innovation Catalyst, with AI and Blockchain for Security and Transparency


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain are today's key technologies with the potential to open doors to new possibilities and opportunities. In many ways, their features complement each other, creating a context where security, authentication, data exchange, and transparency can coexist harmoniously.

While blockchain goes beyond security by offering a solution for trade and data exchange, given its ability to transparently record transactions, track, and guarantee legitimacy, advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have led to technological progress in many sectors.

It is evident to everyone how healthcare, education, and smart city services are now enriched by the capabilities of AI.

Successful combination

Already today, the combined use of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain allows training AI models without the need to share personal data. By leveraging the blockchain, participants can reach an agreement to ensure data privacy and securely share learning information among AI nodes.

For instance, companies in the healthcare sector are already using this combination to enable secure and anonymous sharing of sensitive medical data among different healthcare providers.

Shivom is a blockchain-based platform that utilizes AI to enable individuals to securely manage, control, and share their genomic data for medical research purposes. Nebula Genomics utilizes blockchain and AI to allow individuals to securely and anonymously store their genetic data. Coral Health leverages blockchain and AI to create a platform that empowers individuals to have control over their data and securely share it with healthcare providers and researchers.

In Italy, interesting progress is being made in the field of technological innovation. For example, Ferrovie dello Stato could become the first major company to introduce integrated solutions of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain for the benefit of its passengers.

As reported in this article by Massimo Fellini, Trenitalia is experimenting with the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to improve the services offered to passengers. An artificial intelligence-powered chatbot will provide real-time assistance during the journey, while the blockchain will ensure automatic ticket refunds in case of service disruptions.

This initiative aims to make post-sales customer care faster and more user-friendly through smartphones. The goal is to offer alternative travel solutions and a transparent refund process, contributing to a modern and cutting-edge railway system.

The Synergies of Takamaka and AI, our vision of a reliable and transparent future.

In particular, they are assessing opportunities to provide AI with access to reliable and verified information through user authentication and secure access management. The objective is to ensure that only users authorized by the blockchain are allowed to use AI-based models.

Building a marketplace to leverage a secure infrastructure that enables the sharing and selling of goods and accurate recording of transactions between buyers and sellers, ensuring precise tracking of the trusted origin of data, where artificial intelligence can analyze transaction data and user behavior to understand individual buyer preferences.

Tracking the flow of data and decisions within artificial intelligence models, recording transactions in AI can facilitate the identification and resolution of any issues related to responsibility and ethical violations.

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