White label and blockchain: the innovative solution


White label and blockchain

White label (and blockchain) are innovative and practical solutions that offer platforms capable of collecting, managing and updating product information throughout the entire supply chain, ensuring the long-term preservation of market value.

In fact, a white label solution represents an innovative opportunity that allows you to use an existing product or service under your own brand, without having to create a new one from scratch. This immediately offers advantages such as saving time and money, as there is no need to invest in creating and maintaining your own product, and also using a tried and tested product.

The service can be customized according to the needs of your business to make it consistent with your brand and customers. In fact, a white label can also be your company’s CRM, which collects data and information, manages customers and inventory, and much more.

Certification of Data in White Label with Blockchain

The solution that makes the difference but that in this case perfectly integrates with the White Label solution, certifying the data entered and protecting it from fraud and / or manipulation is Blockchain. The blockchain tool helps the entire organization to ensure the authenticity of the product, ensuring quality, data and parameter control, promoting transparency and trust towards the manufacturer and the company.

More generally, the integration can offer a series of direct benefits, such as in the case of Supply Chain.

Blockchain is used to trace and monitor the supply chain, allowing to know exactly where a product was manufactured, how it was treated and who managed it, ensuring greater transparency, security and quality and data certification.

Takamaka Blockchain Open Source Code

Recently, Takamaka has released and made public part of the code and indicated how to use and connect to the APIs, on github now there is the fully documented wallet-examples package.

You can find it at these links:



The guide has practical examples from A to Z for all types of transactions that can be made on the Takamaka Blockchain, in practice only by following the track and explanations of the guide it is possible to create a customized wallet, but not only, starting from scratch

Through the instructions, you will be able to:

  • Create a pair of cryptographic keys (one public and one private)
  • Implement a encryption system to protect private keys
  • Integrate the wallet with the blockchain platform
  • Use a programming interface library (API) to interact with the blockchain, send and receive transactions.
  • Implement a transaction management system
  • Implement and create a graphical interface to allow users to send and receive transactions, view the balance of the wallet and manage private keys.

You can connect to the Takamaka API by following this guide LINK and request test tokens directly from info@takamaka.io, just write the number of Green TKG Tokens and number of Red TKR Tokens that you need for your Tests. Soon the Twitter Bot that releases test tokens for pioneers and beta testers will be reactivated: it will be sufficient to communicate with Him to receive TKG and TKR. (guide coming soon)

Remember that on the Takamaka blockchain you can upload digital files, as described HERE


do not hesitate to write if you encounter or have difficulties, let us know and use the following channels

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Visit: https://www.takamaka.io"

Use cases for White Label and blockchain

Some solutions that can integrate Takamaka technology with business applications and build a functioning business model exist, one of these is LutinX, used to ensure the existence, integrity, and attribution of data that are of paramount importance to customers.

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